Gear Review: Raleigh Tamland 2

Gear Review: Raleigh Tamland 2

I’ve now spent over 100 hours in the saddle of the Raleigh Tamland 2 on a 4,000+ mile assisted bike trip through the Rocky Mountains. I’ve ridden the bike in all types of conditions including long stretches of gravel, rough pavement, steep climbs, and tight switch back descents. Overall, this is a versatile cross country/gavel grinding bike with a sturdy aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork. I’m not going to win a race on this bike, but it’s been great for covering long distances with varied road conditions. With over 1,400 miles logged and over 30,000 feet of elevation gained on the bike, I can comfortably average 15-17 miles per hour on a 50-60 mile ride. I find both the gearing and braking to be seamless. I did have a slight issue with the chain coming off on a 100+ mile gravel day when I was in the lowest gear on climbs. A little chain oil fixed this issue.

I ride with a cross bar frame bag in which I keep a spare tube, some basic maintenance tools, snacks for the ride, wallet, and bear spray (I’m in the Rockies and I have run into a grizzly and a moose). I’ve mounted a roam handlebar mount for my phone and a bluetooth speaker on the opposite handlebar. I mounted two water bottle holders on the frame. Fully loaded, I’m riding with a little over 30lbs of total weight.

I elected to upgrade the standard gravel tires the bike comes with to a tubeless 700x28c system which helps save a couple pounds and reduces the need to fix as many flats while also rolling a little faster on pavement. I’ve done a couple hundred miles of gravel on this setup with no issues. I also switched out the standard pedals to a clipless system which provides much more efficient pedalling.

Overall, I like the versatility of the bike, my only wish would be that I had one more gear other than the 1×11 drive-train for steep descents.

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